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Strong global demand and continuous increase in global steel production has created an imbalance between demand and supply of coking coals worldwide. Limited coal supplies and inadequate coke production installations have put tremendous pressure on coke makers to increase production and supply low cost high quality coke by enhancing efficiency of existing facilities, investing for new capacities and developing new technologies utilizing inferior grade of coals. Reduction of emissions from existing facilities and development of pollution free coke production units are their prime areas of concern.

In view of the above, The Indian Institute of Metals, Ranchi Chapter is organizing International Conference on Advances In Coal & Coke making Technology. The Conference aims to provide an excellent opportunity to share the common concerns faced by coal miners, coking coal suppliers and coke and steel producers world-wide. Latest developments in coal mining, coke making technologies and challenges faced by coke and steel producers in the present economic scenario will be deliberated upon. Increased production of coke without sacrificing environmental considerations, which is one of the major concern of coke makers, will also be addressed in the Conference. This Conference will provide a common platform for coal suppliers, coke producers, coke oven designers and equipment manufacturers, rebuilding specialists, scientists and academicians across the globe to share information and to find out ways and means to tackle the challenges faced by world coke industry.

Who We Are

The Conference will focus on :

  • Challenges, opportunities in coal mining
  • Coking coals : availability, quality and beneficiation.
  • Technologies for utilizing inferior quality of coking coals
  • Developments in coal preparation and precarbonization technologies
  • Enhancement of battery life and operational efficiency
  • Emerging trends in coal carbonization technologies and coke oven machineries
  • Eco-friendly and emission free coke production.
  • Utilization of indigenous coking coal Coke by products
  • Coke by products
  • Advances in automation in coal & coke industries


Conference shall be held from 29th September 2018 to 30th September 2018 at Ispat Bhawan Auditorium, R & D Centre for Iron & Steel (RDCIS), SAIL, Shyamali Colony, Ranchi - 834002, India. The Conference Programme will include Inaugural Session, Plenary Session, Technical Sessions, Technical Exhibition, Manufacturer’s Presentation Sessions, Valedictory Session etc. The Registration will start at 08:30 AM on 29.09.18 and the Valedictory function of the conference will start at 12.30 hrs on 30.09.18.


It is planned to organize exclusive 'Manufacturers' Presentation Sessions' during the Conference. Leading Coking Coal Suppliers, Coke Oven Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers, Technology Suppliers, Automation Equipment Vendors, Analytical Equipment Specialists and Designers are invited to participate in these Sessions. A nominal fee of Rs 100,000 /-(US $ 1500) shall be charged for each presentation of 20 minutes. The fee is inclusive of two free delegates and domin presentation.


It is planned to organize a Technical Exhibition along with the Conference. Coke Oven Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers, Technology Suppliers, Automation Specialists and Laboratory Equipment Manufacturers are invited to participate in the Exhibition and highlight their products and services. Exhibition space of about 3m x 3m shall be provided to each Exhibitor. A nominal fee of Rs 100,000/- (US$ 1500) shall be charged for each exhibition stall, which will be provided with adequate furnishings and basic illumination facilities. The fee is inclusive of two free delegates.